Making sense of my Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome; Near Death Comas; and, Their Associated Out Of Body Visits To Heaven

I was seven and a half when I found I was a social anathema and fifteen and a half when I forgot. I led a sheltered family life pre-school and was locked on my own in a storeroom at Nursery and Infants School by teachers to enjoy my autistic meltdowns to heaven without disrupting the curriculums and everyone seemed contented with that arrangement. I was particularly so as the Nursery Head Teacher had written a research dissertation about the savantism strain in my father’s family when she was a student teacher at that school as she taught my father and his five sisters, all of whom had Autism/Asperger’s Syndrome. Mine was more severe as my mother had it too.

But all Hell broke lose when I started attending Junior School, for the Teachers and Pupils there tried to kill me, four times a day, for the first week of term. So, realizing they all wanted it done, I tried to oblige by running away from home after school on that Friday night and ended up in 48 hour Near Death Coma 30 degrees below zero hidden out of sight in a self locking industrial freezer at the local ‘Co-op’ dairy.

My family was so hated that the village Police refused to join in the search for me and the village Doctor refused to attend me when I was found. I was frozen solid when the search party did eventually find me. My mother, who was a Nurse, therefore started laying me out and washing me for the Undertaker when they got me home. My finger, thumb and toe nails had all shrivelled up and dropped off. She put my toe nails into a jar as mementoes of me as they had dropped off inside my socks.

I was already in heaven. I had gone immediately I had put my body and brain in Near Death Coma in the freezer by going there on an Out Of Body Journey as soon as I laid down. I had been doing this practically every day since I was three days old. That was the first time my Grampa, who was my mother’s maternal grandfather, took me up to heaven to meet his wife, mum, dad, and gurus Gaea, Zeus and Hermes, my mum and dad’s gurus God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, my own gurus King David of Israel, Emperor Adrian of Rome and Saint Thomas Didymus of Galilee, and the keyholder of the Pearly Gates, Grim Reaper, who became a great friend, as we had go to travel through the Pearly Gates, there and back, each trip.

This was the main reason the Teachers and Pupils at school wanted to kill me. They all knew I used to go to heaven and back every day except Sundays, but thought that I did it by Witchcraft. That’s what the Head Teacher called me in Morning Assembly on the first day and reminded the rest of the school that the Bible says, Thou Shalt Not Suffer A Witch To Live. It was only a sport to them. Like fox hunting. I was the fox, and they, the baying and snarling hounds,

I understand why they thought it was Witchcraft. I inherited a mulatto bloodline from a hermaphrodite albino Prince who had spent time on Haiti in the Caribbean, and we were a family of ‘Born-Again Christian’ missionaries to save everyone from the evils of Satan. No-one knew Out Of Body Journeys and Near Death Comas were common, just not talked about, because they were scientifically inexplicable. It was not until several years after I had forgotten I was a freak that interest in Out Of Body Journeys became common, e.g., England (Cambridge University) in 1969; and, USA (Monroe Institute) from the 1970s.

The reason I forgot I was a freak was that my life went egg-shaped when I was fifteen and half. I decided it would be better for me to forget my past and focus on my future. I therefore hypnotised myself into contracting retrograde, anterograde, psychogenic and dissociative amnesias that shut my identity off, and didn’t get it back for 35 years, when I had a severe nervous breakdown which manifested in uncontrollable weeping from unresolved grief at losing relatives and friends that I couldn’t remember.

Thankfully, I recovered from those amnesias, and have only once gone on an Out Of Body Journey leaving my body and brain in Near Death Coma since then. That time my finger, thumb and toe nails only shrivelled up and discoloured. Now I write about my bizarre life of Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome and help other auties and aspies make sense of their suicidal and other self-harming behaviour.

It’s interesting to see that the American academic neurosurgeon, Eben Alexander, has just published what I’ve known for roughly 34 years (excluding 35 years of amnesias) in his new book ‘A Map Of Heaven’. I’ve been writing much the same stuff for the past two and half years. My wife drew it to my attention because he was being interviewed about it on the ITV program, ‘This Morning’, by our nation’s famous husband and wife team, Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Homes. It’s the first time my wife has ever shown any interest in this subject. So I have asked her to buy me a copy for Christmas, as I’ll be busy writing until then. I will be rehashing, and adding to, my previous books, and intend to publish the output on Christmas Day. I hope I’ll have as much success with my book as he will, no doubt, have with his.


2 thoughts on “Making sense of my Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome; Near Death Comas; and, Their Associated Out Of Body Visits To Heaven

  1. Hi Adrian,

    How did the others find out that you traveled to Haven ?

    [quote]They all knew I used to go to heaven and back every day except Sundays, but thought that I did it by Witchcraft. [/quote]

    To clarify my ID to you, we met online, at My Big TOE, where I used the same username.

    Hope things are going well for you and yours.

    Take Care..

    1. I made my first trip before I was born as I died in the womb and was born a blue baby and I had my second trip on the way home from maternity as there was a car accident and I was thrown from the car and hit my head on the road, and the kerb and the wall beside the road. My first and second trips with my mother’s maternal grandfather were both on the first day I had to be left with him for my mother to return to work. My parents accompanied us on the first of them. He took me there on his own every day after lunch and we spent the whole afternoon and early evening there six days a week until I was three and a half. We then had to be separated as we suicided together by jumping off a bridge into a river and he suffered complications as his lungs filled with water. Mine did not as my lungs shut down due to asthma spasm on hitting the cold water. I home schooled myself for the next year and went there everyday after lunch as before but flying solo. I had somehow discovered that I could black out into near death coma and go there by starving my brain of oxygen through self-induced asthma spam, probably in the course of the suicide attempt. He died a year later which was when I started attending the county nursery school in the village my parents moved to, as they had to vacate his cottage. On the first morning assembly we newbies were asked to introduce ourselves to the rest of the school and tell them a bit about ourselves. When it came to my turn the head teacher said she had taught my father and his three younger siblings when she started teaching and wrote a dissertation about them as they were all savants, and from that qualified to become a head teacher. She said they were special children and could do amazing things that most other children couldnt, so to listen carefully to what I was about to tell them. I didnt realise that my entire extended family, maternal and well was paternal were special savants and had all undergone the same pre-schooling in heaven as I had and that it was very unusual, and so I told the other teachers and pupils of my life with my Grampa and our daily trips to heaven. All the other kids gasped, but two chirped up that they knew all this before, as their fathers and mothers had worked for my father’s mother who owned all the land in that vicinity, including the land on which the school was built, and an ancestor of hers had actually built the school and dedicated its use as such. So, the kids were all keen to see me do it after lunch – but we were taken on a nature / history ramble after lunch and so I had to forgo my trip to heaven after lunch that day and went in the evening after school when I went home instead. It therefore slipped the minds of the kids, and the following day, when I collapsed in a heap off my chair in the first lesson after lunch, mayhem broke out, especially when one of the teacher’s felt my neck for a pulse and pronounced me dead. An ambulance was called and I was stretchered out to it, but sat up before it was loaded, which caused more mayhem as the other kids and the teachers were all crowded around it and it was like a miracle to them as they all knew I was dead when I had been put on the stretcher, as they had believed what the teacher had said and could observe from the actions of the ambulance crew that they believed I was dead too. The same thing happened the next day, so from then on, the head teacher locked me in a storeroom each day, every day, with my childrens encyclopaedia from my homeschooling for company, by arrangement with my parents. I graduated to Infants School the following year and was locked up all day, every day there too. I was diagnosed as autistic in the summer holidays between my first and second years at Infants School and the only difference it made was I was allowed to take a library set of books of stories about the Bible to study as a change from my children’s encyclopaedia. Of course, my peer group graduated to Infants School with me, and therefore knew why the teachers locked me in the storeroom all day, every day. We even talked about it frequently while walking to and from the school, and because I always used to meet exciting characters in heaven, I always had an audience enraptured with the names and histories of these characters, as I knew them off by heart. Doubtless they told it all to their siblings and parents as well, as by the time the balloon went up, the police and the doctors upon my graduating to Junior School, refused to search for me when I disappeared and attend me when I was found.

      Nice to hear from you. Things are going incredibly fine for me. I’ve written five Amazon Bestsellers and have a few in the pipeline with Smashwords and I’m a featured author on the Huffington Post with a potential readership of almost 100,000,000 [].

      Email me on if you want to know any more.

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