My forthcoming Ambassador role

I’ve been very busy preparing myself for my Ambassador role with Energime, sharpening my Blogging skills with a course from the prime Gururaja of the Blogosphere, Jon Morrow, and one Web Development from the Udemy Gururaja of Complete Web Development, Rob Percival.

And I’ve signed up to MailChimp so AWeber doesn’t monopolize my autoresponder and I’m drafting a new sign up form for my 7 Steps in 7 Days taster program and 7 Steps in 98 Days program in Suicide Avoidance and Prevention mailing lists to give my subscribers a chance to opt for transferring from my AWeber autoresponder to my MailChimp autoresponder for further information about my new job as one of Energime’s Ambassadors as I think that it will open considerable advantages for them, education-wise, training-wise, and job-wise.

I’m very excited that my secret invisible Andrew Carnegie type Mastermind team of guides and mentors in the Akasha of my Mind, namely, my higher self combination of Life, Death, Nature, Fate, Fortune, God, the Universe, and All That, Whatever and Whoever, has seen fit to award me this position in the twilight of my life such that it is, so I can do this final thing to ensure my now world-wide tribe of fellow Auties and Aspies, can save the Planet, until it is time for us all to up sticks and go to the new promised land being built for us in the after-life, and for which I have already made provision for the construction of the transportation bridge from earth into the wormhole in space that will take us there. Woo Hoo! I can hardly contain my excitement!

P.S. After posting the above update, I was introduced to yet another gururaja, Ryan Eliason – his field is Revolutionary Success – I’ve attracted a miracle – I can feel it – like electricity but with a lower wave frequency and content – a breathtaking miracle.


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