How do the European people feel about the year 1945 and what did they wish for the year in 1946 when they celebrated New Year’s Eve in 19…

My answer to How do the European people feel about the year 1945 and what did they wish for the year in 1946 when t…

Answer by Adrian Thomas:

I was born on the first day of Spring of 1945. World War II was still raging. My parents saw it as an omen that the War would soon end.

They wanted it to be over as the community where we lived hated us. This was for religious, political, racial and disability reasons. All illegal nowadays.

They had it in their heads to emigrate when War was over to North America. They believed we would more tolerated there.

They infected me with this desire to escape from Europe to the Americas to better our lot. But I did not feel the hatred driving it until I was 7½ years of age.

I did not bond with my parents, but with my mother’s maternal grampa. He was my constant day-time companion from the age of 3½ days old to 3½ years old.

It came to an end when we attempted to kill ourselves. We did it as my parents signed me up to start attending Nursery School nearby.

That made my mother’s maternal grampa feel he was redundant. He had tried to kill himself every day since his wife had died, some 30-31 years before I was born.

On this occasion he tried to do it by drowning, which was not a method he had tried before as far as I know. I tried it also as I couldn’t bear thinking about having to stay here on earth without him.

I loved him more than I loved my parents. I joined the attempt, though he didn’t encourage it. Indeed, as far I recollect the incident, he was unaware I was even near him when he leapt from the bridge into the river.

We were progeny of William the Conqueror. So we were members of the County Surveyors Society he founded on his coronation day, 1066. Grampa raised me in its savantism / pedagogy of sustainability entrepreneurialism.

I was a gifted child as I’d died of oxygen starvation in the womb and been born blue. This 'blue blood' is a mark of dynastic royalty.

So he educated me to specialise in constitutional law and built environment. His special interest was sustainable rural and urban development. As we had our sights set on North America, focused on the British, French and US constitution.

My mother’s maternal grampa was deaf and dumb and taught me to read and write, but not to speak. I learned that from other ancestors. That was my virtual backstory and perceived future as we approached the end of 1945.

The War had, indeed ended in 1945. I viewed the German surrender on 8 May 1945 and Japanese surrender on 15 August 1945. My mother’s maternal Grampa took me out of body to remote view those historic events.

I also saw what was in the minds of the personnel involved. Being minded of rural and urban images these incidents left me with a picture of how the world looked. The minds of the involved personnel gave a view of how the world would look a year later.

I saw the difference between starkness of destruction and beauty of construction anew. It sounds a bit geek. But we were never given as a family to celebrate New Year. We only celebrated the privilege of strategic leadership. We planned future events of world significance.

It became the driver of my education, training, qualifying and professional career. I don’t recall celebrating New Year’s eve that year, or any other year for that matter. Due to the advent of television I could hardly avoid seeing some. But none lasted long in my memory as I had more important matters in there.

The only memory in my head of that era is of the start of the Cold War. It devastated grampa so much that he never quite recovered from it. It was because he lowered his guard to the fact that human chaos is never destroyed. It can rise from ashes when you least expect it to happen.

At age 50 I found myself having to address this capacity of chaos to destroy human beings. I did this by coaching and counselling other suicidal people away from that ultimate end. It has been my driver ever since.

It taught me that the only real real estate we can lay claim to is the mortal coil we live in. And the most important skill we can any of us learn is the systemic beauty of its wilful construction in new form. Know Thyself, the Ancient Greeks advocated. And my two-penny-worth is, if you don't like Thyself, change it.

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How do the European people feel about the year 1945 and what did they wish for the year in 1946 when they celebrated New Year’s Eve in 19…


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