I’m diagnosed with Asperger’s (teenage girl), but I don’t trust my mother enough with my vulnerabilities. Does she have the right to know?

My answer to I’m diagnosed with Asperger’s (teenage girl), but I don’t trust my mother enough with my vulnerabiliti…

Answer by Adrian Thomas:

I have Asperger’s and have been officially coaching and counselling other people with Asperger’s since my 50th birthday, as I was considered to have effectively mastered a workable savantism / pedagogy of suicide avoidance and prevention by then. I teach it pro bono by email autoresponder all over the world nowadays and you are welcome to try it – Students is a short sharp shock 7 Steps in 7 Days for High School College and University age students to avoid suicide – CSSIL DWTD SAAP spreads the 7 Steps over 98 Days for a more leisurely but permanent prevention of suicide. The 7 Steps are –

  1. Curb churning thoughts that self harm may be the soft option available
  2. Fix short, medium and long term financial security issues to stop worrying
  3. Raise your happiness floor a few clicks above your depression doorstep level
  4. Broaden your outlook so you see and take opportunities to better your life
  5. Kill the inner voice that calls you too fat, ugly, lazy, stupid and worthless
  6. Get the saint and hero inside you to come to your aid and make you more
  7. Do something awesome – write a book – start a mission – change your world!

I wouldn’t trust my mother with my life, even though she loved me in her own way, as she had depression and hanged herself, so she couldn’t even look after herself. In the end she did not care about or even consider me and my wife and child or my siblings and their wives and a children, as her depression consumed her completely. Sad, but a fact of life we Aspies have to contemplate and put our own measures in place in the hope they keep us from getting like that too. We don’t have to. Step 3 teaches ways of stopping depression taking over our minds.

When you’ve done the 7 Steps you’ll need something practical to get your teeth into. So I’ve teamed up with the brand spanking new US based distance learning Energime University as it specializes in sustainability entrepreneurialism, which is basically a way of saying coping with Asperger’s without admitting that is what you are doing. It can teach you the other aspects of sustainability and even find you a placement. Use my code ADTHS to get 10% discount. If you do I’ll get $50 from the University to fund my pro bono suicide avoidance and prevention services. You’ll help me save other people’s lives. I’m proud to team up with Energime University. It’s a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact for Sustainability. Do yourself a favour and become part of this movement yourself!

I’m diagnosed with Asperger’s (teenage girl), but I don’t trust my mother enough with my vulnerabilities. Does she have the right to know?


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