Can I get rid of life I am living?

My answer to Can I get rid of life I am living?

Answer by Adrian Thomas:

Give me 105 days to change your worldview and your place in it. Sign up to this pro bono 7 Steps in 7 Days holistic pick me up I recommend to my Students. If it floats your right boats, presses your right buttons and pulls your right strings, you’ll know you are on the right track. Then sign up to this pro bono 7 Steps in 98 Days version CSSIL DWTD SAAP. The 7 Steps are –

  1. Curb churning thoughts that self harm may be the soft option available
  2. Fix short, medium and long term financial security issues to stop worrying
  3. Raise your happiness floor a few clicks above your depression doorstep level
  4. Broaden your outlook so you see and take opportunities to better your life
  5. Kill the inner voice that calls you too fat, ugly, lazy, stupid and worthless
  6. Get the saint and hero inside you to come to your aid and make you more
  7. Do something awesome – write a book – start a mission – change your world!

US based Energime University can then teach you the other aspects of sustainability. Use my code ADTHS to get 10% discount. If you do I’ll get $50 from the University to fund my pro bono suicide avoidance and prevention services. You’ll help me save other people’s lives. I’m proud to team up with Energime University. It’s a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact for Sustainable Development. Do yourself a favour and become part of this movement yourself! Change your world and change your place in it!

Can I get rid of life I am living?


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