1066 And All That, Whatever

I have probably mentioned this before, but it’s worth a remention, as I’m currently carrying out a review and update of it, namely, my 2015 bid for NaNoWriMo fame and fortune, called, 1066 And All That, Whatever: The Epic Story of the County Surveyors Society.

It’s going to be my 2017 bid for NaNoWriMo fame and fortune and I’ll be launching it on Christmas Day, 2017. It’s an exposé of a screaming flaw in the history of England for more than 950 years. Christmas Day, 2016, was the 950th anniversary of the enthronement of William the Conqueror as the King of England and founding of the County Surveyors Society he set up for the protection of his family interests in England, because he lived in Normandy.

And it was a secret society, until 12 May 2014, when the Official Secrets Acts 1911-89 provisions on keeping it and its business secret ran out due to the effluence of 25 years from the passage of the 1989 Act. I began to promulgate all I knew of the society shortly after, using Amazon Kindle ebooks, which went viral overnight in the UK, and global in a week, and persuaded Arianna Huffington to endorse them, by inviting me to ‘have a voice’ on The Huffington Post, as she was its Editor in Chief, at that time.

Well, a lot of water has passed under the bridge. My work has had more readers, listeners, and viewers, than live on the planet, according to UN calculations, as some have multiple accounts on popular social media websites, like, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linked In. And that has enabled me to conduct further research into our nations history of the Royal Division. So, that is what my 2017 NaNo will be all about. My 2015 Nano was the history of the Royal Division from a mysogonistic point of view. It wasn’t deliberately so, on my part. It only reflected that I had received a masculine education. Well, that has been remedied in the past two years, so I’m reviewing and updating my 2015 NaNo to reflect what I have learned, and it is breathtaking information.

Everyone remembers that William the Conqueror was a Norman. But, how many of them know he was a Viking, and a Berserker, at that, but, whose Roman Catholicism civilized making him the King of England, to change the society of the nation of England for the better, for ever.

More than that, however, what changed the society of England was that it became matriarchal under William, whereas it was patriarchal under his predecessors. But is was secretly matriarchal, so nobody knew it. It’s why Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria, and Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, were more effective governors than their male predecessors were. They gave governance a woman’s touch.

It means that my trilogy and compendium, and all my other books, have been incorrect about the history of England, and it is high time that I fix that error, with my humblest apologies to Queens Elizabeth I and II, and Victoria, and Prime Minister Thatcher, for getting it wrong first time out.


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